My Fancast/Dreamcast: The Falling Kingdom Series by Morgan Rhodes

This series is like a YA Game Of Thrones: There’s kingdoms, knights, stolen thrones, forbidden romance, secrets that have been killed over, deadly betrayals, a hint of magic, and war on the horizon. In the land of Mytica, magic that was once in abundance is now a long lost memory, and the kingdoms that rule the land are reaching an unrest with a power struggle for ultimate power.

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More reviews coming soon!


Here is my official Fancast/Dreamcast:


Princess Cleo Bellos: Blake Lively

Image courtesy of

Cleo is described as the Golden Princess; she’s named after a goddess, so why not cast Blake Lively as her? She’s an IT girl who’s known for her roles in Gossip Girl, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Savages to name a few, and is also the wife of Ryan Reynolds!…lucky bitch.

Prince Magnus Damora: Nick Ayler

Credit to owner

So he’s missing the dark eyes, but I couldn’t shake the idea of casting this amazing looking male specimen as our moody Prince of Limeros (and sass).

Jonas Agallon: Marco Dapper

Image courtesy of

Probably no one’s choice but my own, this unknown actor has been in the Soap Opera, The Young and the Restless and has made small appearances in Criminal Minds, Veronica Mars, and Dirty Sexy Money.

Princess Lucia Damora: Barbara Palvin

Image courtesy of

She’s an angel from Victoria’s secret, so she certainly has the face to match the beauty of our magical princess Lucia. Besides her runway work, somehow the other Sprouse Twin who’s not in Riverdale, Dylan, landed her, to which I say “Good Job Zach!”

Nic Cassian: Sam Claflin

Image courtesy of

You see this guy in Love, Rosie and Me Before You, and how can you not swoon over over him? He’s been a favorite of mine since his surprising achievement of being casted as Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games franchise, I know Sam would nail this role as Cleo’s best friend.

Mira Cassian: Sophie Turner

Image courtesy of

The series is basically a YA Game of Thrones knock-off without the Dragons or White-walkers, so why not have the actress we all got to know and love as Sansa Stark be a part of this series too? Sure, it’s a much smaller role, but I feel like it’d be a nod to what we know.

Aron Lagaris: Alex Pettyfer

Credit to owner

Again, I hate to type-cast, but I did start this series way back in 2012 when it first came out, so how could I not cast Alex as the arrogant, aristocratic noble who was betrothed the Cleo at the very start? He’s known for his roles in Magic Mike, I Am Number Four, Beastly, In Time, and Endless Love. It’s just too bad he’s known for taking that reputation of being a complete asshole into real life as well…

Theon Ranus: Jensen Ackles

Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly Magazine

Ever since seeing him LARPing in his show, Supernatural, i’ve known it in my heart that I want him to be casted as an actual knight in some sort of fantasy setting. I totally saw him playing the brave, prideful, loyal knight who was Cleo’s love interest at the very beginning of the books!

King Gaius Damora: Richard Armitage

Image courtesy of

This guy can act! He’s known for playing our anti-hero Thorin in The Hobbit movies among plenty of other roles, I thought he’d be an excellent ruthless, evil, greedy king Gaius who’s the villain through most of the series!

Queen Althea Damora: Danielle Bisutti

Image courtesy of

I pictured either her or Lucy Lawless playing the role of King Gaius’s wife and Magnus’s mother, she can nail the role of ice queen in the roles I’ve seen her play. She’s been all over the place, I’ve seen her in many shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Tru Jackson VP, CSI, Parks and Recreation, and Private Practice to name a few!

Alexius: Luke Guldan

Image courtesy of

Total confession, but seeing this image on Pinterest inspired me to create an account!…I am actually being completely serious…anyways, he’s a small time model-turned-actor, not in anything I’ve seen, but I pictured him playing the immortal watcher who looks over the land and falls for Lucia.

Brion Radenos: Josh Bowman

Image courtesy of

I watched Josh in Revenge, and thought he’d be good at playing the best friend of Jonas and fellow rebel soldier to try and overthrow King Gaius’s tyranny.

King Corvin Bellos: Sean Bean

Image courtesy of

I mean, if we’ve read the first book, does this not make total sense?…

Emilia Bellos: Kirsten Bell

Image courtesy of

I love Kirsten so much, she’s just so swell, I could totally see her playing the wiser, older sister role to Cleo!

Sabina Mallius: Madeleine Stowe

Credit to owner

After seeing her wickedness in Revenge, I imagined she’d absolutely nail the role of playing the scheming, evil mistress to the King.

Prince Ashur Cortas: Jesse Williams

Image courtesy of

I know this isn’t a popular choice because he doesn’t match the description at all, but I switched up the look of Krashia’s royal prince by keeping their skin dark, but changing the ethinicity to those of African descent with lighter eyes, which leads me to the next casted role…

Princess Amara Cortas: Logan Browning

Image courtesy of

Logan stars in the Netflix show, Dear White People, and I know I’m going against what the entire Cortas Empire is supposed to appear as—which is a more Middle Eastern ethnicity—but Logan just fits how I pictured this character!

Felix Graebas: Colby Lopez

Credit to owner

I’m a huge WWE fan, and at the time of meeting Felix in the series, this guy (ring name: Seth Rollins) was playing a similar character on my tv screen every week; arrogant but charming, definitely someone not to trust, so I put the two together, said why not? and made him my assassin and allie(sort of?) to Jonas.

Melenia: Charlize Theron

Image courtesy of

Watch her Dior commercials, or see her as the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman, and try and tell me she isn’t meant to play the role of a scheming immortal?

Phaedra: Ginny Gardner

Image courtesy of

A very small role in the whole series, but she made the most of the time she was given, this immortal and best friend to Alexius was to be played by a young blonde actress. She’s not too well known, but she can be seen on Project Almanac and Runaways, and has made appearances on shows like How to Get Away with Murder and Glee.

Kyan: Andrew Stetson

Credit to owner

So, trying to someone so good looking, so ethereal, so godlike that he could play Kyan…male model Andrew Stetson was a close enough choice for me.

Lysandra Barbas: Jana Kramer

Image courtesy of

Jana Kramer has the tan skin & darker features, and for some reason, the country singer from One Tree Hill was someone I wanted to play Lysandra

Kurtis Curillo: Sebastian Stan

Image courtesy of

This was more going back to when Sebastian Stan was on Gossip Girl (I know right?! Hard to believe), but I could totally see him playing the sneaky, cowardly, condescending childhood rival of Magnus

Selia Damora: Susan Sarandon

Image courtesy of

Susan Sarandon is someone who has a presence no matter who is in the room. She can be everything at once, and I totally pictured her playing King Gaius’s wicked mother.

Nerissa: Sophia Bush

Image courtesy of

I know Sophia Bush deserves bigger roles than this, but Nerissa was one of those minor characters that snuck up on you. I personally kept thinking she wasn’t going to make it throughout the series, but she managed to hang in their until the very end!

Olivia: Eve Torres-Gracie

Image courtesy of

A former WWE Superstar, Eve always had beauty that shined so bright that she could have been perfect for the big screen. Her acting chops aren’t too bad, and I know this is a choice that doesn’t fit the description of the character, I just imagined someone with grace and poise and Eve certainly fits that bill.

Timotheus: Jude Law

Image courtesy of

Jude Law doesn’t even know how to be unattractive, I swear…Anyways, a household name like himself should certainly be an excellent choice to be one of the head watcher’s from the other world alongside where the series takes place!

Enzo: Joseph Cannata

Image courtesy of

Enzo, to me, was what I imagined a big, dumb, lovable, and attractive jock to look like. He’s a knight with a change of heart and gets a few moments to shine in the final story, and even has a little bit of a romantic side story with Nerissa! Joseph is a model, you’ve probably seen him on a romance novel cover here and there, and I thought he’d make a good Enzo for us to enjoy!


Thanks for Reading!

— Nick Goodsell

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