My Fancast/Dreamcast: The Six Of Crows Series by Leigh Bardugo

Image from @goodyreads, my bookstagram account!

In Bardugo’s fantasy realm of the Grisha, supernatural beings with the ability to manipulate different elements, are in danger as a drug has been developed that means deadly consequences, and the only person who knows the cure has been taken prisoner inside the impenetrable fortress, the Ice Court, in the Frozen northern land of Fjerda. Can Kaz Brekker and his recruits of thieves, assassins, and runaways pull off the biggest heist in history?

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Here’s my official Fancast/Dreamcast:


Kaz Brekker: Ben Barnes

Image courtesy of

I mean, does this image alone NOT give you Kaz Brekker vibes? Sure, Ben Barnes seems older for this role and he’s officially casted as the Darkling on the Netflix show, but I’d made this casting choice before the show was even a thought, and I think he could perfectly exude that dark and twisty vibe that Kaz constantly exudes as he plots against his enemies. The former Prince Caspian, Westworld, & The Punisher actor, in my mind is perfect for this role!

Inej Ghafa: Kelly Gale

Image courtesy of

I know this won’t be a popular choice, but imagined Inej with a really particular look, and this Indian/Australian model looked very much like what I imagined “The Wraith” to appear as.

Wylan Van Eck: Daniel Sharman

Image courtesy of

I know this may also not be a popular choice, but I’ve always seen Daniel play the arrogant bad-boy in The Originals, and Teen Wolf, but I’m curious to see him play a role thats the total opposite of that! Let’s stop typecasting, yeah?

Jasper Fahey: Kendrick Sampson

Image courtesy of the actor’s Twitter profile

He’s a go-to POC guy for me, I know…but I imagined what him and Daniel Sharman looked like together and I couldn’t help but ship it! See him make appearances in shows like How to Get Away with Murder, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural to name a few!

Matthias Helvar: Wyatt Nash

Image courtesy of the actor’s IMDB profile

This guy sneaks around and becomes a side character for SO many shows that I watch! Catch him in Netflix’s Dear White People, GLOW, and he also was recently added to Riverdale! Others may go for a Kellan Lutz type of guy, but remember that Matthias has been in prison for some time when we meet him, the dude isn’t going to be shredded or jacked, he’s going to have thinned out a bit, but still be just as blond and handsome as we believe!

Nina Zenik: Robyn Lawley

Image courtesy of

Nina was the hardest character to cast for this group! There aren’t a whole lot of plus-sized actresses or models that I felt matched Nina’s physical description and also could possibly exude her sensual confidence! I initially had plus-size model Tara Lynn as a casting choice, but now I’ve updated to this other plus-sized model. She’s Australia’s top plus-sized model, and has even been featured in Ralph Lauren ads!

Pekka Rollins: Aidan Gillen

Image courtesy of

Leader of the Den Lions, an enemy gang to the Dregs lead by Kaz; he’s an overall douche-wad with some serious power in Ketterdam, so I thought the man who played the slimiest character in Game of Thrones, Littlefinger, would be perfect for this role!

Jan Van Eck: Martin Henderson

Image courtesy of

Another powerful man in Ketterdam, he’s Wylan’s father and one of the most influential merchants in this series. While being a complete asshole, the man is still described as being pretty easy on the eyes, and after watching him in Grey’s Anatomy, I thought this Kiwi actor from New Zealand would be a good choice!

Tante Heleen: Betty Gilpin

Image courtesy of

After enjoying her in the Women’s wrestling show on Netflix GLOW, I thought she’d be a great person to cast as the despicable brothel owner who used to physically torment Inej back when she was a sex slave.

Per Haskell: Skeet Ulrich

Image courtesy of

The former leader of the Dregs before Kaz took over; he’s a moody, drunken, greedy man who’s a shell of his former glory. Watching him in play Southside Serpent Gang Leader FP Jones in the CW’s Riverdale, Skeet seemed like a safe choice. I’d just ask him to turn it down on the rugged charm and endearing fatherly moments!

Jarl Brum: Tom Hardy

Image courtesy of

Leader of the Drüskelle (the Fjerdan organization formed to eradicate Grisha), and Mathias’s former mentor, he’s a ruthless witch hunter who’s extremely dangerous! Tom Hardy is an incredibly versatile actor, and I think he’d be great with playing this military general.

Kuwei Yul-Bo: BooBoo Stewart

Image courtesy of

Jordie Rietvold: Ben Schnetzer

Credit to owner

He was the overall favorite to play Kaz’s older brother in almost EVERY other fancast I found, So I thought I’d continue the bandwagon because I do see it immensely.

Dunyasha Lazareva: Alyssa Campanella

Image courtesy of

She’s a gorgeous, scarlet-haired assassin who’s known as “The White Blade.” Pekka Rollins and Jan Van Eck hired personally as a lethal contender to go up against Inej, who believes her to be her shadow; her other half, the flip side of the coin, the ying to her yang, you get the picture. She’s not an actress, but the former Miss USA winner sure looks the part!

Genya Safin: Miguelle Landry

Image courtesy of the model’s Instagram profile

Another gorgeous redhead, this Tailor Grisha makes a surprise appearance in Crooked Kingdom along with some other noteworthy characters from the Shadow and Bone trilogy! Again, not an actual actress, but give this model some ember colored contacts, and she’d for sure look the part!

Nikolai Lantsov: Lucas Bloms

Image courtesy of

Oh Nikolai…one of Leigh Bardugo’s masterpieces, besides the Six of Crows duology in general, and this male model could definitely take on the role of Sturmhond!

Zoya Nazyalenksy: Shay Mitchell

Credit to owner

Shay Mitchell is a personal favorite of mine since I’d first seen her in Pretty Little Liars, and she wowed me too when she was in the first season of You on Netflix. She’s so absolutely gorgeous, and just throw on a pair of blue eye contacts and she’d be a perfect Zoya!


Thanks for Reading!

— Nick Goodsell

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