Chapter 6 of “When In Doubt” is available!

All I can say is it’s titled “Bed-Breaker”…Come check it out on Wattpad!

Click on the link HERE to come read it!

Click on the page up on the bar to take a deeper look into this passion project that I’ve been working on for some time now, and here’s the synopsis below for those that need a refresher on what it’s about:

When in Doubt is a coming-of-age story filled with laughs, tears, parties, all-nighters, friendships, secret hookups, found families, and finding yourself during what is supposed to the best years of your life. Six complete strangers arrive onto the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus, ready to begin their freshmen year of college. Each have their own reasons for being there:

Matt Anderson just wants to come out of his shell and find a sense of belonging, but he has to confront a part of himself that he’s kept hidden for too long…

Madison Parker just wants to succeed in all ways possible, but learns the struggle of making the decision of what’s worth fighting for: her schoolwork, sports, or her social life…

Luke Mitchell has made terrible past mistakes, losing the trust of those closest to him, and just wants to turn a new leaf in order to redeem himself…

Heather Gracie just wants a fresh start after a dramatic betrayal left her shaken to her core…

Jared Mikaelson just wants more freedom and to become a campus legend, but might have to rethink his plans when the right girl comes along…

Eden Harrington struggles to gain confidence in her artistic abilities to see if she has what it takes to become an animation artist one day.

(Warning!!! has strong language, sexual content, drug & alcohol use: for mature audiences only)

(Please Note: Locations are actual places, but used fictitiously within story. UW-Stout is not associated, and doesn’t condone any illegal activity done on property within story.)

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