My Fancast/Dreamcast: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

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An Enchantment of Ravens is a brief, but wonderfully told story that’s a debut YA Fantasy novel written by Margaret Rogerson. The story is about a girl named Isobel, a young human who’s an amazing painter. She’s so talented, she’s gathered the attention of the Fair Folk—i.e. The Fae—to have her commission portraits of them in exchange for magical deals.

One day, the Fae prince of the Autumn court arrives on her doorstep, Prince Rook, and is next in line for another masterpiece. When it doesn’t turn out as he’d hoped, Rook takes Isobel into his magical realm to go before the court to speak on her crime, but become thrust into the enchanting and dangerous land of the Fair Folk and meet many…interesting characters. Isobel and Rook start off as enemies, but a spark ignites between them, and both try to hide their growing feelings for one another, because a human and Fair Folk falling in love together is a forbidden betrayal, and the punishment from Rook’s people is absolutely vicious…

You can read my full book review of An Enchantment of Ravens by clicking the link HERE!


Here’s my official Fancast/Dreamcast:


Isobel: Scarlett Leithold

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Scarlett is a model, and she has the perfect mix of innocent-but-has-a-mischievous-glint in her eyes kind of look, if that makes any sense? Isobel appears like a damsel in distress, but for those like me who’s read this book, she’s more clever and cunning than she lets on.

Prince Rook: Thom Morell

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He’s a model, but with those piercing eyes and swoon-worthy hair, Thom Morell would make a captivating Autumn Prince. Totally Book Boyfriend worthy!

Hemlock: Tilda Swinton

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She may very well be a Fair Folk, because there’s a chance that Tilda Swinton is not actually human. She looks like a Fae queen, but how about a badass, warrior chick on the hunt like Hemlock? Plus, the author totally fancasted her for this role herself!

Gadfly: Matthew Bomer

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I mean…slap on a Rhaegar Targaryen wig on Matthew, and he’d be a fantastic Gadfly, who was an incredibly sneaky and sly Fair Folk within the story. You could never tell what side he was truly on!

Lark: Isabelle Fuhrman

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Isabelle may seem familiar from another, mega-popular YA series because of its movie adaptation…she was the knife wielding Clove from the first Hunger Games movie! Based off that, she’d for sure be able to play the childish, but lethal young Fair Folk named Lark. She’s cute as a button, but deadly like a cat playing with a mouse.

Foxglove: Mila Kunis

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Foxglove had been described as having an extremely unique and ethereal look with striking hazel eyes, so my mind instantly went to Mila Kunis! She’s one of my favorites starlets in Hollywood, and I know she’d absolutely nail this part!

Aster: Nina Dobrev

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Aster is described as having an incredibly fragile bone structure; she’s very petite with pale skin and dark hair and eyes, and Nina Dobrev is a favorite of mine, she’d be a great pick!


Thanks for Reading!

— Nick Goodsell

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