Daily Writing Challenge #4

Hey readers! Thanks again for dropping by, here’s the fourth writing challenge during the pandemic; the prompt is the image below. Full disclaimer: I wasn’t feeling it today, the writing that is…I’m dealing with a personal issue currently, and it lead to me being distracted and not writing something as great as it could’ve been. But that’s okay, not everyday is going to be a day where I’m at my best with my craft. It happens, and the important thing is that I don’t beat myself up too much and keep at it!

I was definitely getting some Mad Max + Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace with the image I selected. There’s just a lot going on, and I feel like any writer could be able to find a story out of all the busyness of it.

***Trigger Warning: minor character death, swearing***


“Move out the way, motherfucker!”

Watt viciously swerved his battered blue Stallion 5Qx to the left, and out of the way of those damn Arajnic pirates as they swooped across the track in an foolhardy attempt to run any of the competition off the road with their tank; cackling like maniacs as some poor kid spun out and decimated his kit-bashed vehicle into a pillar of rock that jutted out in the middle of the course. 

Watt didn’t dare look back, but rather heard the eruption of the devastating collision against the unforgiving stone. A cloudy trail of sand and dust soon followed, threatening to blind everyone else who remained, so he scrambled to lower his goggles down off his crown and back over his one actually good eye. 

He still had to get used to that thought. 

The sun continued to beat down bright rays, the heat reflecting off the red sand of the desert, and a wide turn was about a mile up ahead on the track. Watt hated to do it, but pushed his gear shift down to allow some of the other cars a lead; the image of his wife flashing in his mind. Most of the cars made the turn with little issue, but those damn Arajnic pirates managed to use the torque of their tank to shove another vehicle off the track and out of the race.

Watt made sure to send them a silent word of peace as he passed by the carnage moments later, and vowed to seek out justice.

A large monitor was raised out of the canyon, showing live footage that switched back and forth between the leaders of the race, then back to the colossal stands filled with cheering, bloodthirsty fans yearning to see fire and smoke. All they want is a good show.  

Watt shifted up once again, spotting a side road just off the track that might just give him an edge. It had a small opening; all the other racers had missed it, but Watt’s mechanical operating orb where his other eye had had pointed it out to him. Sure, it seemed like an unfair advantage, but he’d come to learn over the years that honesty and integrity only weighed a racer down on this track. The small photo of his son on the dash reminded him of his past mistakes. 

Like I said, it wasn’t fully there, but I feel like when I’m feeling my groove again, I could go back and either retouch or simply add more to it, we’ll see! I’m not afraid to post the challenges that aren’t quite so successful too!

Thanks for Reading!

— Nick Goodsell

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