About Me

Nick Goodsell

Gemini ~ Extroverted-Introvert ~ INFJ/INFP ~ Type 4 Enneagram ~ MN Twin Cities Area ~ UW-Stout Alumni ~ BFA in Entertainment Design-Digital Cinema

image courtesy of Miranda Wipperfurth @ MLW Photography LLC

Growing up in Eagan, Minnesota, one thing I’ve always loved was a good story, and whenever I found one I enjoyed, whether it was a book or a tv show/movie, I became absolutely obsessed with it, and did everything I could to be a part of it. I’d storyboard my own episodes of “Dragon Ball Z” or “Dexter’s Laboratory,” and I even did the same with an action packed secret agents franchise called “Spy Game” that a group of friends and I created on our elementary-school playground. From then on, I wrote my own short story that got published/printed in 4th grade: “When Food Attacks,” a truly thrilling story about when then the food that you eat decides to bite back! It was a fun Christmas gift for everyone in the family that year.

Unfortunately, as I started to grow up and go through the joys and pitfalls of Middle School and High School, my time spent creating my own stories and I guess early versions of “fan fiction” were put on halt, but I didn’t ever stop reading, though!

I graduated Eagan High School in 2012 with about 734 other classmates, and continued my studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. It was there I rediscovered my passion for storytelling and creative writing after a long hiatus, and five years later, I graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Entertainment Design-Digital Cinema.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”
~Bernard M. Baruch

I aspire to someday work within the Entertainment Industry as a writer who’s a part of a film or television program that’s absolutely amazing and draws people in like an episode of Game of Thrones on a Sunday evening, which I know is incredibly high standards, but since when is it a bad thing to have big dreams? My other aspiration is to become a bestselling author. I want to write stories that speak to people, make them feel heard in a world where they feel overlooked, ignored, taken for granted, and I want to inspire them like the stories that did for me, and hey, I wouldn’t mind if at least one story of mine made it onto the bestseller list!

I am currently working on a fictional series: “When In Doubt.” It’s loosely based off my time at college, which was such an eventful time for me in my life. I felt like I’d finally blossomed: I was finally able to accept myself as a gay male, I met some truly fascinating and amazing people, and I even made a couple lifelong friendships. I felt like I found myself there, and I feel like I actually wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t gone to UW-Stout, a brutally honest truth for me to admit because it was the first time in my life I’d felt like I truly belonged in this world. Each book will represent a year at college, and it’s a coming of age, found family kind of story that follows the intertwining lives of 6 teens/young adults. It’s been a side project that I have been passionately working on since February 2018, and have such high hopes for it to get out into the world and into book lover’s hands one day!

My current WIP cover

As for reading preferences, I tend to stick towards the fantasy genre—Adult and/or YA—but I also love a good contemporary novel with engaging characters to root for, exciting plots that make me laugh, cry, or truly shock me. I will admit, I do enjoy a good romance because I’m (not so secretly now) a sucker for it. I am always open to hearing recommendations from others, and love to discuss books with anyone interested!

Thanks for Reading!

–Nick Goodsell