About This Blog

To start things off, I just wanted to personally—as personal as a post on here can be—thank you, the reader, for popping onto this little blog of mine. Believe me when I say I understand the craziness of the world today with how hectic all of our schedules are, so any attention that is willingly given to this passion project of mine is greatly and immensely appreciated!

Let me secondly introduce myself quickly:

My name is Nick Goodsell, and one thing that I absolutely love to do is discover and enjoy good stories. Whether they are seen on a big screen or printed in the pages of a book; if the story draws me in, I am pretty much hooked from the get go.

Books especially have become a passion of mine because they give you so much more creative freedom. I mean think about it: you’re pretty much creating a movie in your head! You cast the characters, you create the setting, you imagine the camera angles based off the images of the scenes you read. You’re pretty much the director, the assistant director, the producer, Director of Photography, Cinematographer, key grip, gaffer, hair and makeup, wardrobe, and pretty much every necessary job that’s on an actual film set. You make all the big and final decisions!

I decided to create this blog as not only as another way to express myself and be creative, but I hope for it to also be a platform to inspire others to read more books, and maybe even help someone discover their next favorite title. I love to give recommendations, talk and discuss books that I’ve read and/or enjoyed, discover new books to obsess over, and to see the light in people’s eyes when they also get excited when they talk about books too!

As this blog develops, I hope to keep adding more and more content that readers can come on here to see and enjoy. Along with the book reviews, I have a page dedicated to Fancasts of my favorite books/series—I can’t promise that they’re all accurate, but the people selected are who I imagined played the role—I hope to be able to make my own special lists pertaining to books: lists like my favorite books-turned-movies, most beautiful covers, etc. I could also turn to the idea to maybe posting movie reviews someday, and also add a personal section that could include anything like short stories, research, my inner thoughts, advice on writing and life, or have it be a way to let out my frustrations without posting it on Facebook or Twitter… who knows!

It’s my personal blog, the sky’s the limit!

Once again, I Just wanted to say thank you so much for visiting and (hopefully) enjoy what I have to offer amongst the many other book blogs out there. If you have more questions about me, any of the books on here, want to discuss books/series, recommend any titles, request specific reviews, or just want to reach out, feel free to head over to the “About Me” or “Contact” pages above, or even click on the social media icons on the bottom or sidebars on the pages.

Thanks for Reading!

-Nick Goodsell