WIP Writing Project #2: Untitled Fantasy Series


Hey readers!

This is a new page as of January 2023, and I’m getting back into the creative writing game! After a multi-year hiatus, one of my hopes for the new year–not resolutions–is to take it seriously and get back into the swing of things because I have been feeling the creative spark again after all this time!

A new project I have developing in my head is this expansive fantasy series idea that begins with the small troupe in search of the missing damsel in distress, but from then on becomes something so much larger and complicated. The story has been popping in and out of my head for years with little tidbits coming to me at random times and I try to write it all down as much as possible, but I think I really have an interesting story idea on my way here.

Below are just some images (I don’t own or have credit for any of them, I’m sorry) that create a mood board of how I picture things looking in this world and in this story, and all these can also be found on my Pinterest profile, which you can find a link to on my contact page!

I also plan to treat this page as kind of a diary page to date and post when major milestones are reached and achieved throughout the process, so be sure to come back to this page from time to time as it develops!

1/18/23: Mood Board

2/7/23: Character Names

I’ve been finalizing my main cast of characters and coming up with names for them! I’ve got:

Noam, Fiore, Gideon, Lina, Merindah, Darian, Sascia, Xanthe, Rhea, & Syrena!

Now to start fleshing them out; giving them personalities, backstory’s, and start deciding what kind of character arcs they’re each going to have as this series develops!